Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How can I get a customised [Insert Device]? How much is it and how long does it take?

A. Unfortunately, Modé no longer provides this service.

Q. I’ve checked your online store and I don’t see my device.
Please do you have and Skins or HardCases for [Insert Device] available?

A. What is available in the store is what we provide. From time to time we have new devices, so be sure to join our mailing list for news and updates. Or you can follow us on our social platform(s)

Q. Do you do custom portraits?

A. Yes we do. Please click on SHOP > SERVICES > CUSTOM PORTRAITS

Q. Do you deliver to Europe/ North America?

A. Yes we do. We deliver worldwide.

Q. Do you sell in Nigeria?

A. Yes we do. We sell online and at our studio. Also please go to SHOP > STOCKIST. You can find other places to buy our products.

Q. What are your policies on Shipping/Payment/Refunds of your products?

A. Please look through SHIPPING AND RETURNS page which can be found through +INFO > TERMS OF USE > SHIPPING AND RETURNS

Q. Your checkout page is asking for a postcode? I don't know my Nigerian postcode. Please help.

A. In the postcode section you can just type in "0". Or you can find out your actual postal code here:

Q. Why don't you do cash on delivery?

A. It's unsafe. Due to the high crime rate in Nigeria, there have been several occasions deliverymen have been in danger because they carried large sums of cash. For the safety of the delivery staff, STUDIO OF MODÉ does not do cash on delivery. For reliability and reassurance of getting your goods you have the option of a courier service which allow your products to be trackable. We also use NIPOST which has tracking as well.

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